Mary Webster--Folk Art Stock #16 GRAIN-PAINTED HICK'S STYLE FRAME
Circa 1840

  • Grain-painted frame with corner blocks. Note the unusually wide graining strokes and the convex faces of the corner blocks. The graining continues on the sides of the moldings. The frame is lap-joined; the wooden pegs that secure the joins suggest a Pennsylvania origin for this fine example.
  • Rabbet size 11 3/4"H x 15 3/4"W
  • Molding width 2"
  • Depth at outside edge 3/4"
  • Outside dimensions 15"H x 19"W
  • Sight size 11 1/8"H x 15 1/8"W
  • Condition: very good original condition; some inevitable surface wear which you can see in the photos.
  • Stock #4642
  • SOLD

    Click on image to see photos of frame details.

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