If you would like to order a frame, or have questions about frames shown on my website, or have special requests, you are welcome to telephone me at: (607)722-1483. Or you can email me at frames@marywebster.com. Be sure to include the stock numbers of the frames that interest you.

The prices quoted do not include shipping. I ship small packages via USPS Priority. For larger shipments I have found FedEx Ground to be the most reasonable. If you have a preference, please let me know. To cover the time I spend carefully packing your purchases I charge a packaging fee based on the time it takes. I use recycled materials as much as possible. Specially purchased boxes will incur an extra charge.

I accept personal checks and money orders. I am happy to give trade discounts, as well as discounts for quantity purchases and to clients who have earned them with their loyalty. If you would like to make special payment arrangements, just ask. I can also take payments via PayPal to mwebster@lightlink.com. Please, no discounts for PayPal purchases.

For first-time buyers I ask for payment in advance. This firm policy is of no risk to you, as I guarantee every frame I sell. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase you may return it. I only ask that you cover the return shipping charges.

If you would like to have old wavy glass for your frame, I can usually supply it at no extra charge. Period hanging hooks (not reproductions!) are sometimes available.

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