Mary Webster--Mid Nineteenth Century Stock #3 SMALL SILVER GILT
Circa 1865

  • A small silver-gilded molding just right for a small painting; contrasting matte and burnished surfaces; squared profile with inner cover; mitered corners; outer edge painted in dull ochre.
  • Rabbet size 6"H x 7 1/8"W
  • Sight size 5 1/2"H x 6 3/4"W
  • Overall size 7 1/2"H x 9 5/8"W
  • Molding width 1"
  • Molding depth at outside edge 3/4"
  • Rabbet depth 3/8"
  • Condition: good original surface with surface wear commensurate with age; original size.
  • Stock #4700
  • SOLD

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