Gilded Mirror, Circa 1900, made by Foster Brothers, Boston. Private Collection.

Mirror Frames

Period frames make wonderful mirrors. Many frames, of course, were made specifically to hold mirrors. But there is no reason why you cannot put a mirror in any of the frames I display on my web site. A mirror in a period frame hung above your mantle can be the focal point of your living room decor. A grouping of small frames with mirrors in them can also be effective. If you like to collect frames, but can't quite bring yourself to hang them up empty, then put mirrors in them.

On this page I will display frames specifically made to hold mirrors, usually identifiable by their oblong shape, as well as other frames that I think would make dynamite mirrors. Enjoy!

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#4393 Pair of Gilded Ovals #SK53 Gold Leaf Mirror Frame #4684 Foster Bros. #4733 Folk Art #4588 Large Sully Mirror