In this website room I am displaying frames particularly suitable for photographs, although they can also be used for other small works of art. Some were made specifically for photographs. Others are copies of early 19th Century miniature frames, created to feed the early 20th Century appetite for Americana. Foster Brothers, a prestigious framing company in Boston, was one such manufacturer. Their frames are prized today for their fine craftsmanship.

The standard sizes of photographs have changed very little since the Mid-19th Century. An 8x10 Aesthetic or Renaissance Revival frame works as well with a modern photograph as it does with one of your ancestor. Be adventursome. It's a good way to show off your period frame collection.

Gilded Italian Frame(see below)

Click on the thumbnails below to view a portion of my current stock. Pause curser over image for inventory number.
#SK172 Pair of Photo Frames #SK32 Aesthetic Easel Frame #4196 Foster Bros. Oval #4900 Fancy Gilded Frame #4619 Foster Bros. Oval #4901 Gilded Italian #SK158 Painted Frame #4101 Chip-Carved Oval #4606 Foster Bros. Wooden Oval #sk120 Italian Painted Frame #4215 Gilded Oval #4609 Foster Bros. Oval Foster Bros. Oval #4904 Gold Leaf #4905 Brass Oval #sk169 Pair of Roundels